Blacksheep Crank

Right Hand $225 - Ambidextrous $250

Construction: Moving parts are made of hardened steel. Parkerized steel body. Steel mount brackets and adjustable steel crank handle. Performance: From the most recent data collected it showed that the crank was able to fire approx. 400 + rounds a minute. (It was really cold and snowy on test day.) Versatility: Allows for normal use of trigger. Adaptable to spade grips, allows for set up on A6 butt stock. Kit Includes: Instructions, the crank, and a drill fixture for the required 7/32 hole drilled in the bottom plate. More pictures on the Photo Page.

Blacksheep Adaptable Adapter


Adapter mount for the MG42AA tripod plus additional applications. Mount includes: T&E and left and right ammo can holders. Parkerized steel.

1917A1 Style Cradle


Repo, of the 1917A1 Cradle. Will work in G.I. scokets. All steel construction. Can holder for the 30 cal. can. Ball detent T&E.. $400

Tripod also avaible..

Inquire More pictures on the Photo Page.

Bren Adapter Plate


Adapter play for Bren Tripod. Includes left and right can mounts.

1919 A6 Can Holder and Link Chute Rig

All parkerized steel. Rig includes: mount bracket, left can holder, right link chute, and pintle bolt. A few improved versions left, for information send an email to the address listed on the contact page.

M37 Style Link Chute & Bracket


Parkerized steel. Includes bracket, chute, instructions, keeper pin and screws.

Left and Right Can Holder Brackets

$30 each, Pair $55 shipping included

Holder for 30. cal. ammo cans. To be bolted to Tripods Includes keeper pin, screws.